A test shoot is used as a dress rehearsal for a concept before introducing it into my repertoire for clients.  This is a time for me to assess the light on location and see some of the unexpected variables.  Final iterations of these test shoots often become part of my portfolio.  Here are some of my portfolio pieces that resulted from test shoots:

My test shoots are very exclusive, and usually require agency-signed models.  For women, this generally means 5'8"-6', 34-24-34, and without any significant tattoos or piercings.  Please provide digitals and images of yourself in the wardrobe intended for the test shoot in advance.

Because of the nature of a test shoot, one or two outstanding images is the goal.  I will select and provide the image(s) to the model and creative team members for use in their portfolios. Models, hair stylists, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and assistants will be provided a mood board prior to the test shoot.  Please review this mood board and make sure that you understand the concept and you feel comfortable you can pull it off.