Booking and Rates | Summer 2016

The Sessions

Every session is designed specifically for the client.  Most sessions are shot on location, giving the images a sense of a story, much like the styles used in fashion and advertising.  In fact, concept inspiration often comes from vintage fashion magazine editorials and contemporary advertising.

Session duration varies based on the concept, but generally an hour of shooting will result in three looks or wardrobe changes.  Studio sessions are available for an additional fee. 

Digital images

Digital images are by far the most popular product.  For most clients, digital images are the most useful because they can immediately be shared through the internet and on social media.  In fact, digital images optimized for social media (1500 pixels long edge at 72 dpi).  Additional images are available at $40 each.  Concepts requiring a studio or special venues will be assessed an additional fee.  


For clients who want to preserve images as art, a license and print release is available for purchase for each image.  This allows clients to use a printing lab of their choise to produce prints of sizes up to 30x40".


Because of overwhelming demand and my limited availability, I book sessions from a wait-list on a first-in-first-out basis.  As dates become available, sessions are offered to the client who has been waiting the longest.  If the client is not available that day, they retain their position at the top of the list, but they defer the available date to the next person on the list.  Generally, wait times are 2-4 weeks in the summer.

A deposit is required to reserve the session.  The deposit can be applied towards the session fees, but it will be forfeited if the client cancels within 24 hours .  The deposit is $120.

Hair and Makeup artists

HMUA are independent contractors and their fees are separate.